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Seamlessly inter-connect all video meeting platforms.  No hardware. Zero hassle.


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Why is it that even though every one video-conferences daily, you still have to make sure that both sides use the same software? 

When you call someone, you don’t care if they use Android, iPhone, Nokia, or have a land-line. You don’t care if they are connected through Orange, France Telecom, or AT&T. You simply dial and they answer.


PhasedConnect introduces the first-ever cloud-based, zero-hassle, many-to-many, video-conferencing interoperability platform.

Just Imagine

One call. Every person uses their preferred platform. 

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With PhasedConnect it is finally possible.

Video-conferencing interoperability

PhasedConnect enables all major video meeting platforms to seamlessly inter-connect, allowing you, the user, to work with your company’s preferred tool regardless of what video conferencing platform the other participants choose.


Connect to your video-conferencing meeting regardless of what the other side is using. No need to change anything. Everything is automatic.


No need to install complicated software systems or hardware components. Plug in and start working in less than five minutes


With PhasedConnect every video-conferencing participant can use a different platform (e.g., Zoom, Meet, Teams) regardless of what the other participants use.

Group Calls

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